Since I was on vacation last week that means that this week you get a double weekly update. Lucky fucking you! Here we go, two weeks worth of awesome new metal, all packaged and ready to be delivered to your ear holes. Get on it.

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Carach Angren – Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten
Carach has really gone all in on their symphonic black metal “fairy tale” style of music these past couple albums and this one finds them doubling down. Everything is amped up. The cover art, the symphony, the theatrics. All of it. Which is hard because this band already was so over the top. But you know what, I think it’s fun and I like it. Won’t make the year end list but it’s fun while it’s on and entertaining.

Legacy of Emptiness – Over the Past
Black Lion Records has quietly been putting our some killer melodic and symphonic black metal over the past year and Legacy of Emptiness is the latest offering from the label. This one comes with the caveat of being mixed and mastered by Dan Swano, so that immediately got me interested. Aside from that, it’s solid, symphonic heavy, melodic black metal. Fairly good, nothing amazing. More straight-forward with less cheese and theatrics than the previously mentioned Carach Angren but still with all the indulgence that these kind of symphonic bands have, but when they delve into the melodic parts that where they truly shine.

Igorrr – Savage Sinusoid
There’s not going to be anyway for me to describe this album. It’s such a cluster of so many varying and bizarre sounds. It’s anchored in a slight industrial metal style, something that was more prevalent on the earlier albums, but that’s just the base layer. You’ll never be able to guess where it’s going or what’s going to happen next, yet it’s still very listenable, very enjoyable, while  being  so frantic. I’m not sure if it’s just a mess or if it’s coherent but as of now I’m enjoying it immensely.

Jason Isbell – The Nashville Sound
I’ll take Jason Isbell’s solo career a million times over Drive By Truckers any day of the week. His soft country, alt-county, folk bent stylings and free reign as a solo musician lets him fly unchained and you get some glorious music like this new album which does find him leaning a bit on the more rock side of his previous band but also experimenting more with his sound like the bombastic guitar explosion “Anxiety.” Fucking beautiful album and musician. This is the non-metal album to beat this year for me.

Death Fortress – Triumph of the Undying
Goddamn if Death Fortress isn’t becoming one of my favorite American black metal bands. They just nonchalantly release some of the most frenetic, devastating, and satisfying black metal around and it blows my mind every time. Like I said, this one is a crusher, fucking aggressive for days, and that sweet devastating atmosphere they’ve cultivated. Great fucking band.

Tombs – The Grand Annihilation
I’ve said it before but Tombs is a band that I really enjoy when they put out new music but rarely listen to them after that initial honeymoon period is over. I don’t think they’re bad by any means I just burn it out and move on. I have a feeling this is going to happen again with the new album. This album finds the band at their crunchiest, most straight-forward, and heaviest production wise. Probably a good amount of that is due to the Erik Rutan production job. While the drive is the most dominate part of the album they do still incorporate that post rock/metal sound that really brought them into the spotlight, however, it sounds a bit more “doomed” out, or more “crusty” this time with songs echoing Amebix and later era Celtic Frost/Triptykon. Overall, like all their previous stuff, it’s a damn good album.

Khemmis/Spirit Adrift – Fraught with Peril
Khemmis fanboy time. You know I fucking love this band and naturally I was going to get this split. Lucky for me I also enjoy Spirit Adrift and their slightly “Khemmis-ish” sound, however the split really emphasizes both of the bands strengths by having them cover folk standards. Khemmis adding their mournful doom flourish to “A Conversation with Death,” a song that they complete claim as their own with this cover, and Spirit Adrift’s take on “Man of Constant Sorrow,” which if you’ve ever seen “O Brother Where Art Thou.” you’re probably sick to death of that song but Spirit Adrift turn it into a slow, plodding, dirge-y doom metal track.

Entrails – World Inferno
I’m just a sucker for this bands classic Swedish death metal sound. They rarely progress in style or sound but they always bring some catchy tunes and killer fucking riffs. This one they get a little bit punkish in place and perhaps even more melodic then normal. Solid meat and potatoes Swedish death.

Fellwarden – Oathbreaker
I read a review describing this as the glory days of the Slavonic scene, with keyboard heavy atmospheric black metal ala early Nokturnal Mortum, and that’s pretty much what it is, minus all the sktechy bullshit from that band before they made good. Combine that with a natural sound similar to Drudkh and you’ve got this amazing album, which is a side project from some of the Fen guys, which in my opinion, totally eclipses Fen.

Manilla Road – To Kill a King
Look, it’s a Manilla Road album. It sounds like Manilla Road and if you’re a fan you’ll most likely enjoy it. I am and I do. This one is slightly doomier than the past couple albums but it’s still Manilla Road through and through. Awesome guitar playing, those vocals, the whole shebang. For my money, however, I think Mark Shelton’s latest Hellwell album is vastly superior to this and much more interesting.

Dephosphorus – Impossible Orbits
Crazy frenetic, Greek blackened and death-ed up grind. Unrelenting and catchy as fuck.

Mavradoxa – Lethean Lament
I got this bands first album last year and thought it was fairly decent Agalloch worship, if nothing to exciting. This one the band still has that sort of “Cascadian” flair but they’ve started stepping into their own light with more diverse songs and laying of the Agalloch. Some great moments of passion and intensity. This might be a grower.

Desultory – Through Aching Aeons
Pretty solid outing from this band whose heyday was in the 90’s being one of the bands that helped define the Sunlight sound in Sweden. This is not as classic as Bitterness but it has that familiar charm and is fucking catchy as hell.

Darkflight – The Hereafter
I only recently discovered Darkflight’s criminally neglected black/doom album Perfectly Calm so when I saw this come by I was immediately interested. They’re still sticking to the black/doom style for most of the album, and they blend the two fairly well. I’d say the doom tends to be the more prominent sound on this one, until the the last two songs where they veer off into a more ethereal, post-ish, Anathema type sound, albeit heavier. It’s rather tranquil and beautiful, and for me, the highlight of the album. Not that the other stuff isn’t good but this one really took me off guard and they nailed it. Damn fine album.

Woman is the Earth – Thaw EP
This new EP is Woman is the Earth unleashed for 20 minutes. More aggressive than they typically are, maybe it just seems that way since it’s only an EP, but I like this more furious side of the band. The do squeeze in some of their more docile and contemplative moments but the sheer power of this EP is undeniable. Fucking love this band.

Argyle Goolsby – Darken Your Doorstep
I’m not going to miss anything Argyle Goolsby puts out and that’s just that. As far as I’m concerned he’s one of the last few remaining horror punk bands I give a shit about, and he’s clearly doing it the best. Of you know Goolsby’s brand of infectious pop infused punk you’ll find nothing different here, except exceptionally melodic and catchy songs about horror movies. Exactly what I want and expect from him.


Dammerfarben – Im Abendrot
Kreator – Endless Pain REMASTERED
The Smith Street Band – More Scared of You Than You Are of Me
Astrophobos – Remnants of Forgotten Horrors
Kreator – Pleasure to Kill REMASTERED
Lunar Shadow – Far From Light
Walpyrgys – Walpyrgus Nights
Ghoulgotha -To Starve the Cross
Mutoid Man – Helium Head
Mutoid Man – Bleeder
Unleash the Archers – Apex
Nothington – In the End
Denial of God – Death and the Beyond
Russ Crimewave – Past Its Sell By Date
Mutoid Man – Hellium Head
Solstafir – Berdreyminn
Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness

Until next time, make mine metal!