This Danish black metal band has been steadily releasing demos and eps since 1992 and only in the 2000’s did they get down to making some albums, Death and the Beyond being their second.

This one starts with one of those melodramatic, piano filled, narrated intros that are both at the same time cheesy and awesome then goes into a slow, plodding black metal march into darkness, which is good and evil and I was digging the slower pace nastiness, but then all of a sudden on the third track, the awesomely titled “Behind the Coffin’s Lid” is fucking melody country. Just BAM, super infectious melodic black metal, furiously riffed. Just blew me to the back of my fucking lumbar supporting office chair. The song never loses it’s melodic nature as in swings in and out of more theatrical and introspective parts. It’s one of the better black metal songs I’ve heard in a while.

Then it’s into a more dramatic, operatic type of song and it’s clear this album is more than meets the eye. I’m sensing a concept album even.

I’m typically not very good at picking up the themes or stories of concept albums as I more just focus on the music, unless they’re overtly in your face about it, and Denial is clearly working with a supernatural/horror element, but story wise, you’ve got me. Music wise, it’s fucking amazing. It does feel like a story is being told and each song has their own story to tell, while remaining firmly black metal but still experimenting enough to add some theatrics and majesty to the whole damn thing. This is what Carach Angren wishes they could be: over the top yet not pretentious or ridiculous, with the chops to back up the concept. Killer, adventurous black metal album. Why hadn’t I heard this before?

Get it from Hells Headbangers Bandcamp page over here.