Is there anything Swedish black metal can’t do? Suck, apparently. Take today’s subject, Astrophobos. This is the kind of black metal that is just so fucking soothing to me. So satisfying. Riff based, melodic, furious, catchy black metal. It might not even be that obvious that Remnants of Forgotten Horrors came out in 2014 as the bands sound harkens back to the mid 90’s era of Swedish extreme metal with, like I said, it’s focus on beautiful melodic riffing. This band would (does) fit right in with bands like Dawn, Vinterland, or any of those extremely melodic bands from that era. If I had to nail it down, to my ears, they sound like a three way love child between early Marduk, early Immortal (those riffs), and Dissection, wrapped up in some Lovecraftian lore. I say Dissection for the speed and melodic nature but that bands influence is so wide spread I’m sure so many bands playing this type of extreme riff heavy melodic metal, especially Swedish bands, are in their debt. However, I still hear Dissection in their sound.

But damn does this hit the spot. If you like those melodic riffs and Lovecraft I can’t imagine how you’d not like this. You’d have to be fucking mad.

Grab this and their awesome EPs over at their Bandcamp page.