You can’t beat a good atmospheric black metal album. At least, not for me. Atmospheric black metal was some of the first I ever got into and I’m always attracted to bands who work with this style. I know the genre takes some heat for being repetitive or too many bands ripping of the major players of the genre, but I just don’t care. It’s so expansive and diverse there’s always somebody doing something interesting and unique with it. Take Dammerfarben here for example. HIGHLY atmospheric with plenty of focus on said atmospherics and with a shit ton of instrumentation they create what I can only really describe as a vast, dreamlike landscape of sound. The focus on acoustic instrumentation, classic instruments, and nature oriented souds (IE rain, water, etc) brings to mind the more Cascadian elements of atmospheric black metal (are we still saying Cascadian?) but the rhythmic, poetic flow of the music and album reminds me greatly of the beautiful structures of a Falls of Rauros album, perhaps with less progressive elements. There’s also some sweet melodic guitar riffing that brings the whole thing home.

Like I said, I never tire of atmospheric black metal, or at least, bands who play with these elements. Dammerfarben made a beautiful black metal album here and it’s worth going in your ears.