Look at what we have here… a Swedish, one-man black metal band that only put out one album in the 90s? Be still my beating heart.

And holy fuck is this album a doozy. Yet again another brilliant example of metal being the genre of eternal giving. I’m even a fan of this band’s main man and I didn’t know this was a thing. I’m referencing Jens Rydén, who is currently in the viking themed black metal band Thyrfing, and was formerly the singer/ sometimes guitarist of melodic black metal band Naglfar, whose first album is a fucking stunner, but as much as I enjoy that Naglfar album (and really only that one), Entombed in the Midnight Hour is completely better. It’s better than the Thyrfing stuff as well.

It’s right in that sweet spot of melodic Swedish sound before it got completely oversaturated by the melodic death metal/Gothenburg sound, but also when the Swedes were just putting so much insane melody into black metal. Yes, there’s some similarities to Naglfar as that band was well underway by 1999, particularly in the guitar melodies but where Naglfar goes for a more sinister style, Dead Silent gets more emotional, to a certain degree. There’s high amounts of symphonic qualities and keyboard atmosphere’s but to my ears and being such a fan of the genre, I hear power metal influences through a lot of this album, which I think are what’s giving it a more theatrical presence. It’s particularly noticeable in a lot of the solos and some of the more orchestrated interludes.

This album is phenomenal. A fucking tidal wave of infectious riffs and melody. Truly epic and fucking unrelentingly catchy. Miles ahead of anything he’s done with his other bands and truly a lost gem of metal. Get on this one immediately.