It’s June. That’s a thing that happened. Also things that happened. Metal. New metal in fact. Awesome new metal in more fact. Here it is for you.

NEW STUFF (Best be clicking those titles):

Legionnaire – Dawn of Genesis
Goddamn if I’m not going to check out an album that has a barbarian riding a white tiger into battle. And just as the art would suggest, this this is ridiculously awesome traditional styled heavy metal. Bands like Eternal Champion are blowing up playing this classic style through contemporary eyes and Legionnaire is just as good, and insanely infectious as that. Metal more metal’s sake and fun to boot.

Ofermod – Sol Nox
It’s been a minute since Ofermod blasted us with their orthodox black metal return sound. Kind of MGLA before MGLA was MGLA-ing, and yeah, this is another fucking insane blast of black metal orthodoxy. On par with their best work to be sure. Killer.

Kaledon – Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness
See my review over here…

Ironflame – Lightning Strikes the Crown
Finally some killer power metal is making it’s way into 2017. This is damn catchy, riff-tastic, power/speed/thrash/traditional metal mash up from one of the guys in Coldfells, Nechochwen, Obsequiae, and Unwilling Flesh. That’s a fucking hell of a resume. Not to mention his time in Dofka, another killer power metal-centric band. Get this shit in your skull.

Unleash the Archers – Apex
I don’t demand much from bands like Unleash the Archers except for killer riff heavy, catchy power metal and Archers give me that in healthy mountain of power metal glory. Just packed to the gills with melodic, infectious, soaring song after song complete with Brittney Slayes incredible voice. If I want to get nit-picky on this one, it’s less melo-death oriented than previous albums but that’s fine with me since I just want the power metal. Fucking killer fun, solid all the way.

Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him
Vallenfyre is three for three now with their purposefully old school death/doom metal worship, but what else can you expect from Gregor Mackintosh (lead singer of Paradise Lost) and Hamish Hamilton Glencross (guitarist from My Dying Bride). Old school made by people who were there. Fairly formulaic with little surprise but done extremely well and oh so crunchy. Love those Mackintosh death growl vocals.

The Secret Sisters – You Don’t Own Me Anymore
Contemporary country with a shit ton of mournful folk and some gospel vocal stylings. Beautiful voices and poetic music. Just so damn well written.

Sabbath Assembly – Rites of Passage
I’ve always passed this band over, maybe due to my fatigue with that 70’s occult rock/vest metal that dominated everything for  a couple years there and seemed to be prevalent when this band started making waves, and to be sure there’s some of that on here, but they seem to be trying to break away from that mold by getting more progressive and experimental. Slightly avant-garde even. It’s a bit eclectic but overall pleasing.

Mutoid Man – War Moans
I’m not really sure what to call this. It’s metal adjacent for sure, closer to heavy rock maybe, but that doesn’t really do it any justice. At times it reminds me of Baroness, Red Fang, and Dawnbringer mixed with some psychedelic elements all set on 11. Catchy as fuck whatever it is.

Progenie Terrestre Pura – oltreLuna
Progenie Terrestre Pura killed it with their debut album 4 years ago. Their slightly electronic, atmospheric sci-fi/space infused black metal was like the Mare Cognitum before that band exploded with their cosmic sci-fi black metal brand, thematically that is, and somewhat sonically. Not to run the same course Progenie retains the sci-fi element and black metal but ups the quota on the electronics, almost into industrial or electronica territory. It makes for a rather bombastic album, combined with the more furious black metal metal s and the quieter, atmospheric, ethereal moments. This album will require a more careful ear but right off the bat, I think it’s an incredible follow up for the band.

Emyn Muil – Elenion Ancalima
Do you like bands like Summoning and Caladan Brood (who really like Summoning)? Than Emyn Muil is right up your synth filled, Tolkien loving, black metal mountain range. Emyn Muil defenitly worship at the altar of Summoning but their approach seems a little more battle driven. The booming, battle march drumming that is present through most of the album gives the whole thing an ominous feeling, as if at any second the battle will begin. What battle? Something with orcs I’m sure. Regardless, you know what this is going to be like, but it’s fucking awesome.

Doyle – Doyle II: As We Die
As far as the scattered remains of the Misfits go, Doyle seems to be the last one that isn’t a ridiculous disaster. Note I’m not including Danzig in this. I’m talking about the second Misfits era. Danzig is a WHOLE other topic. Doyle, who was in the original incarnation as well, struck out on his own as well and this is his second solo album, which is much more metal than anything he’s done before. It’s still full of all the pinch harmonics and catchy, highly distorted rhythm guitar that was a crucial factor to the Misfits sound in their second wave. And the dude from Cancerbats sings on this, albeit in a more straight forward manner, so that’s pretty cool. A fun album if nothing else, and the last remaining Misfit that I can even take remotely serious anymore.

Until next time, make mine metal…