Hey, howsabouts we stick with Italian power metal for another day? Good.

Now on the other side of the power metal coin from yesterday’s Kaledon review we have White Skull’s Public Glory, Secret Agony album from 2000. Whereas Kaledon were a bit rougher for power metal they still reveled in the bombastic and grandiose aspects of the more theatrical side of the genre. White Skull are the more down and dirty version. That’s not to say they aren’t triumphantly  powerful and epic, they just take a more direct approach. No symphonic or long orchestral passages. It’s more of a direct assault akin to the glory years of American power metal in the 80’s or the European/Canadian speed metal of the same decade, but peppered up with a bit of that Italian theatrics that they seemingly can’t help putting in power metal.

With the more aggressive musical approach comes singer Federica “Sister” De Boni, rough and tumble, snarly, intimidating vocals. It’s a fairly distinct approach and against the grain for Italian power metal and it’s fucking perfect. She has so much spit and snarl and can still match the more epic moments and it’s also refreshing to hear such a distinct voice amongst the power metal throngs.

Simply put this album is fucking killer. Just strap in and take a fist pounding power metal ride into glorious riffs and crushing music.

They have a new album coming out June 6th if’n your interested.