2017 has been fairly well represented by all the major metal genres, at least enough to my liking. Death, black, thrash, doom, have all produced some amazing and awe-inspiring albums that are all determined to make this year’s year end list a hard one to make. All, I should say, except for power metal and I’m just aching for a that killer power metal album to come out and put my beloved genre on the map for 2017. However, lurking in the corner is the new Kaledon album.

Kaledon is one of those bands that I’ve seen around the internets, recognize the name and logo but haven’t really heard much of. At least not an entire album. And they seem to have a good buzz about them. On my quest to find some glorious power metal for 2017 I dove in to Carnagus: Emperor of the Darkness.

“Quest” is the appropriate word for this band. This, this right here is the power metal that I really get into. Yes, I love the stripped down, classic 80’s American style, but the European, festival pleasing, soaring branch of power metal has intense claws and squeezes so tightly. Back to my point, Kaledon are all about the high fantasy, concept album, power metal approach. I’d compare them to fellow Italian countrymen Rhapsody (of Fire) with their conceptual approach but Kaledon are much rougher around the edges. More sinister. That’s evident by the awesomely done cover art with zombie corpses and flying demon things. The songs progress around the same esthetic, dealing with death, darkness, the undead. All this sounds rather dark for a power metal album but I assure you the music is soaring on high, with a highly symphonic quality, riffs for fucking days, and catchy, chanting, sing along choruses.

What really piqued my interest was that Kaledon do go for more of a riff oriented approach at times and it’s not all just soaring solos. I’m not going to go as far and say it’s death metal riffing, but there are some heavier, more plodding guitar parts. It reminds me of the great Satan’s Host and their unique mix of black and power metal. It’s nice to hear that flair added into a the typical power metal grand standing.

This is power metal’s power metal. Full of glorious moments, epic guitar solos, and majestic song writing. As it stands now this is one of the finer power metal moments of the year. Thank you, Kaledon.

Get more info at kaledon.com