Sometimes a well written, impeccably performed, and insanely epic traditional doom metal album is all I want to hear. It usually falls on Candlemass’, Atlantean Kodex’s, or While Heaven Wept’s shoulders to satiate me when I’m in these moods but it’s a genre that I tend to be more drawn too in total. I may be adding Procession to the “go to” pile.

With traditional doom I’m not so much looking for anything new or ground breaking. The genre tag itself, I think, implies a certain level of nostalgic influence for new bands claiming this label. Procession understand that fully and no, they aren’t breaking any new ground here but they are fucking, killing, traditional metal.

Made up of a ton of prolific musicians, most notably the current bass player of  Destroyer 666, and various members from bands like Nifelheim, and In Solitude, Procession lead you throw a vastly epic, melodic, doom drenched album full of head bangers and fist pumpers. Not quite as epic as Atlantean Kodex, and not quite as straightforward as Candlemass, Procession finds a comfortable middle ground where these aspects of doom exist in perfect cohesion.

Aside from the well rounded and well produced instrumentation, singer Felipe Plaza Kutzbach fucking crushes it with his vocal performance. It’s exactly what you want from this kind of music: bold and powerful at the most intense moments, yet subdued and melodic for the lower parts. There’s hints of Primordial’s Alan Averill (who also has an awesome doom side project called Dread Sovereign) in some of the longer held notes but it doesn’t dominate his style.

It’s all just simply epic. Doom done doom’s way. Fucking great.