Fucking 80’s American power metal. Could there possibly be a sweeter thing? Maybe, but fuck that because right now we’re focusing on some power metal.

Screamer, a Wisconsin band that flew way under the radar with their 80’s debut full-length, which is fucking awesome all around. Screamer fall into that 80’s power metal/slightly progressive style that bands like the amazing Crimson Glory, and early Fates Warning were playing with. Screamer took it in a science fiction direction and releases Targer: Earth, a loosely strung together concept album. That’s all awesome but the music is clearly what’s to discuss and all of that is excellent. While it’s fairly typical, grandiose, power metal, it’s a little darker in tone than other bands of this ilk. It’s vaguely ominous without going to far into that darkness so that it retains it’s kick ass, power metal strutting.

The vocalist, Bill Carter, who went on to be in the equally awesome and sci-fi bent thrash band Stygian, does his best Dio combined with Halford vocal performance here. It’s a bit odd, and jarring at sometimes. Like you can here his own voice in there at times and when it comes through it’s on point. The rest of the time he’s serviceable good in that role. It’s a guitar riff party to be sure but the vocals help get it there.

Silly, stupid, epic, power metal fun. I fucking love it. Quit being so damn serious all the time.