I have no idea how this ended up in my folder of music to listen to. It rings no bells whatsoever. My best guess is that I must have grabbed it after reading a list of under appreciated bands/albums at some point. Who knows.

So I put this one on blindly and just let it play out. And what I found was a solid little tech death album. Now here I go again about how I don’t normally like tech death but I’ve been finding more and more tech death albums I do like blah blah blah. It’s all true but I think this one would have appealed to me even before I started finding more tech death albums I enjoyed. Why? Because it’s direct and to, the, fucking, point. My main gripe with tech music is it’s pointless, flashy, show off riffs and solos that just serve no purpose other than to show off how well these jerks can play 10 string guitars. None of that shit here. Yes it’s fairly conventional tech death stuff, but the songs are well structured without all the wankery and the riffs make for some technically accomplished yet melodically catchy songs. And they do it all in less that 35 minutes.

Thank fucking christ. It’s almost got a punk drive to it. Maybe slightly grind. It’s like get in, get out, and rock while you’re there. There’s no slowing down, or taking a breath. Just pounding death metal with a tech edge and melodic sensibilities delivered up in an easy to digest package. Solid through and through.

Get it on Bandcamp here.