There’s no pussy footing around with this band. Right out of the gate their name tells you so much already. Make A Change… Kill Yourself… depressive suicidal black metal? Am I right? I’m right. It may seem like I’m mocking this band but far from it, I just applaud their whole heartedness and devotion to the themes and ideas of DSBM. Most DSBM bands have names that are vaguely dreary, or could be construed as such like ColdWorld or Woods of Desolation, or they have names that are either tongue in cheek like LifeLover, or are just stupid like Shining. Make A Change… Kill Yourself gets right to the fucking punch and part of me thinks that such a not subtle approach might be taking the piss out of DSBM a bit. However, after hearing the album I can’t be so certain.

This is bleak, agony riddled,  DSBM. They want you to know how much pain and suffering they’re experiencing, or relating to you. If the cover art isn’t a dead give away the music certainly is.

The music is generally mid-paced black metal with repetitive riffing, a hallmark of the style, but Make A Change throws themselves into it completely and they craft some sorrowful tunes that aren’t necessarily the more rapturous, ethereal kind of songs that a lot of DSBM bands go in for. And that’s refreshing.

I’ve said before I don’t typically feel depressed or any sort of negative emotions when I listen to DSBM, in fact I usually feel the opposite, but with this one, it’s so bleak, that it does start to envelope you. I still think it’s more beautiful than not but it’s one of the more “depressing” of the DSBM bands that I’ve heard. It’s also one of the better.