One look album and it’s hard to take seriously, and after listening to it, I’m sure that’s exactly what the band was going for. Gracing the cover is a rather goofy looking Aleister Crowley posing in the traditional Buddha pose, with the bands satanic name written on his stomach. Now, I say satanic and you might start to think this is something more serious, but I assure you either the band is taking the piss or they’re just so stubbornly thick headed that it’s beyond pretentious.

Now the band itself was made up of numerous members but on this, their debut full-length, mostly consisted of former members of the band Kilslug, and drummer J. Mascis (yes, that J. Mascis) and together they came up with some firmly tongue in cheek, lo-fi, fuzzed up, sludgy doom, that is just shy of going full on crazy. Or maybe they did go full on crazy and this is the result. Making the whole thing sound like an exercise in weird is vocalist Larry Lifeless’ (awesome name) weird, raw, and eccentric performance. It’s almost a free flowing approach to vocals and you’re not really sure where he’s going, when he’s going to start, or what he’s really talking about. The song titles don’t really provide much insight as they’re all fairly tongue in cheek as well. “Kill for Satan”,”Battalion of Rats”,”Mass in Blood” may sound like typical metal songs but combined with the cover, the music, and the lyrics, they’re clearly part of the joke.

Now this came out in 1991. There wasn’t a lack of weird music by that time but surely there wasn’t that many, unpretentious, self aware, sludge/doom bands at the time. Even now, 26 years after it’s release it’s refreshing to hear a band take such liberties with metal, or, metal adjacent material and just take the complete and total piss out of it. The album is a fun, weird, interesting look into a specific time and place and while it might not be an everyday jam it’s well worth the time spent to hear it.