Blasting out of Tennessee in 1984 with their self-titled EP and then quickly disappearing for twenty years, Medieval Steel threw down with some righteous, over the top, cheese infused, 80’s power metal. But come the fuck on, what were you expecting with a name like “Medieval Steel?” There’s only one kind of music you can play once you decide to name your band Medieval Steel.

This, however, is their 2012 compilation of their first EP and select tracks from their 2005 compilation The Dungeon Tapes, as well as a then new song. And it’s just fucking fist pumping, power metal through and through. Even though the compilation is spread out over more than twenty years the production makes it sound like one album, which may or may not be to your liking. I can see the benefits of hearing the differences throughout time but for a band like this, I just want it to sound as good as possible, and this sounds pretty damn good.

There’s nothing really beyond exceptional here. This band just writes some kick ass power metal songs. They manage to run the gamut of the genre hear with scorching, epic, blazers, ballad belters, and mid paced battle songs.

They final song, “The Killing Fields”, was a new song at the time and it’s on their one and only full-length that came out after this collection. It’s a mid-paced, darker in tone song and if that album is anything like that song it may be worth checking out as well.

Good ol’ fashioned American power metal. Good for what ails you.