Messiah Marcolin. Surely that conjures up thoughts of Candlemass and the legendary music he and that band made together. Well, Mercy was his band before he set off to make doom magic with Candlemass. Also, he’s not on this album.

Nope, this is one of the Mercy albums to come out after Messiah’s departure. In fact the first album the band released after he left. And to be honest, I haven’t actually heard the Messiah albums. This is the first Mercy album to cross my ears but I do know Messiah’s voice and I’m sure it fits this band well.¬†Andrija Veljaca takes up the vocals on this album and his voice, while certainly carrying a similarity to the higher pitched parts of Messiah’s, fits their brand of heavy 80’s doom perfectly.

And that’s pretty much what this album is. A well written, structured, doom metal tribute. It’s fucking oozing with doom and doom themes. For fuck’s sake it’s called King Doom, what do you expect. And it’s a good one. The songs are heavy, the vocals are ridiculous yet perfectly doom and there’s no shortage of homage riffs to doom albums that came before. It’s a solid album, fun as hell, and just doom as fuck.