Sweet fucking Satan this was one incredible week for new music. It was such a diverse week for me musically as many of the featured bands are all doing something different or unique. Love that constant creative drive and desire to change things up. And if that’s not enough we got new Anathema music his week. And if that’s not fucking enough, we got the new The Ruins of Beverast this week, which would be enough for the fucking month, perhaps the year. Hell, even the country album I jammed this week was exceedingly awesome.

Love metal. Love Music.

NEW STUFF: (You just better click the titles)

Havukruunu – Kelle Surut Soi
Havukruunu can’t make a bad album and this is no exception. They don’t really break with their formula, which is ultra melodic, slightly folkish, Finnish black metal, and they don’t have to, because they’re so fucking good at it and it’s just so damn perfect as is. This band is awesome.

Veldes – The Bitterness Prophecy
Veldes, for me, always start out strong on his albums but then just sort of wander off into atmospheric noodling. But those first parts of the album are always so good and full of atmospheric black metal majesty. I just wish he could stick the landing. This is more of that. Good start, lack luster finish. I’m still hopeful about this project though.

Eruption – Cloaks of Oblivion
The second band from Slovenia on this week’s list, Eruption are quite literally an Eruption of technical savvy, sci-fi fueled thrash metal. Using the bay area thrash sound as a launching point but also some Cyclone Temple level prowess, they’ve crafted their own thrash sound from the two. It’s not as unique as say, fucking Vektor (HAIL) but it’s different enough to stand out from the traditional thrash hordes or late. It’s clear they’re trying to do something different and it pays off for them as this is one of the better trash albums of the year.

Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light
Greek, avant-garde-ish, progressive metal. It’s a mish mash of a lot of elements, including black, traditional, and death metal, with an excessively dramatic vocalist, but it is unquestionably metal. Good experimentation and desire to try something different with the metal elements. Good if not for anything but that.

Marunata – Reminiscence EP
Beautiful, enchanting, French, one-woman black metal project. There’s a lot of “post” elements going on here as you’d expect from a French black metal projects but she doesn’t skimp on the black metal fury either. Reminds me of older Alcest when they still had the black metal up front and center, but with more rawness to it. Very good.

A Pregnant Light – Devotion Unlaced EP
The ever productive A Pregnant Light project is back with his 20th release. This is more of the same self-titled “purple metal” the band makes, which is to say, a highly emotive, melodic and uplifting driven type of metal that relies heavily on black metal without actually being black metal. If you’re a fan of this project this is right up your alley. If not, give this one a try, it’s one of his more accessible and catchy releases.

Anathema – The Optimist
Anathema don’t tread new ground here, and I didn’t expect they would, nor do I hold it against them since they do their brand of ethereal, enchanting, post rock whatever so well it hardly matters. There’s some sort of highway, driving, radio theme going on here with different references to them and some radio audio clips. Not sure what they’re going for here but like I said, I don’t care because the music is so good.

Kalmankantaja – Demonwoods
Dark, dismal, and highly emotional Finnish black metal. So fucking atmospheric and somber. This band is rather prolific and I somehow missed their album from 2016 but I hear that is good as well. Perfect music for this drab, grey, spring weather.

Endless Disease – Supreme Misanthropic Darkness EP
So much misanthropy crammed in to 9 minutes of unrelenting crusted up black metal. A filthy, nasty, hate-filled explosion of music.

Chris Stapleton – From a Room: Volume 1
I rather enjoyed his previous album and his just straight up classic country styling. This new one, and presumably first in a series, is that classic country sound stripped down to the bare essentials. Mostly just his guitar some backing, and that voice. Damn good if you like legit country.

The Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia
Goddamn if this wasn’t one of my most anticipated releases of this year, or any year since the last Ruins album. This band has such a hold on me. And with good cause as they’re just fucking masters of metal. True to form, the new album is a multi-layered, dark, brooding, swirling mass of intricate yet beautifully composed music and surprising nobody, instantly shot up the list for possible best of the year contender. You don’t fuck around when there’s a new The Ruins of Beverast album out. I’ve read reviews saying this is better than the last one and it’s really hard for me to distinguish which of his albums are better because they’re all magnificent musical accomplishments on their own but let’s just say it stands on equal footing with those. It’s so good I’ll even forgive the bizarrely chosen cover artwork. Get on this band if you haven’t. You do yourself a disservice by not listening to it.


My Dying Bride – The Angel and the Dark River
Fin – Arrows of A Dying Age
Morgion – Among the Majestic Ruin
Hind Onde – Songs of Battle
Death Rides a Horse – More God Than Man
Sarcasm – Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds
Wardance – Heaven is For Sale
Crystal Viper Queen of the Witches
Cryonic Temple – Blood, Guts & Glory
Nagelfar – Als die Tore sich offnen…

Until next time, make mine metal.