I find myself often discussing folk metal on here and usually I’ll say something like “it’s not folk metal like Finntroll or Korpiklaani,” and I realize that that might be confusing, or hard to grasp, especially when bans like Hin Onde utilize similar instrumentation and styles of regional folk music. It’s a subtle difference, and probably rather nerdy, and one of my little metal quirks, but it’s kind of like that famous saying, “I know porn when I see it.” Well, I know crappy folk metal when I hear it and Hin Onde is not crappy.

Yes, they’re Finnish and play Finnish folk metal but they don’t do it in that cheesy, TGIF restaurant, stick everything on the walls, kind of way that the more popular “folk” metal bands do. They veer ever so close though, particularly in the vocal department, which gets rather theatrical at times. I’m not sure if more “authentic” is the right term but the bands focus on the folk elements seems more legit and less for theatrics and that gives them an air of legitimacy, and fun.

For the most part they’re playing black metal. An extremely melodic black metal but the folk instrumentation and keyboards are much higher in the mix making the metal instruments almost runner up, or just the driving force. They’re kind of all over the place musically veering into highly symphonic parts as in “Twelve Valiant Men” or, to my ears, a slight punk inspired chorus on “House of Hel.” However, it all sounds like it belongs and it all works within the confines of the band, and that is fucking killer folk infused, melodic black metal. It’s fucking awesome, what can I say?