It must have been hard times in 1997 to be a death/doom band. Hell, it was probably hard times for any metal band that wasn’t Nu Metal at that time, but Morgion were keeping it nasty with their first full-length release.

Now, this isn’t like the European flavored death/doom that was featured yesterday on the blog, or that was more prominent at this time. This is down and dirty American styled slower, chugging death metal, with some fuzzed up and slightly goth-tinged doom elements. Like I’ve said before  with many death/doom bands there’s a tendency to favor more heavily one side of the mashup but Morgion does a good job of equally balancing the two and presenting, what I think, is a fully realized example of the genre of “death/doom.” It’s not death metal with doom parts (IE the awesome Autopsy) or it’s not doom with some death metal nods (Peaceville Three), but both sides balance and accentuate each perfectly. It’s brutally crushing and sorrowfully moody. The longer instrumental parts of “Travesty” perfectly illustrate this while adding that creepy, gothic, church organ for emphasis.

I hadn’t heard of this band until just yesterday and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was missing out on this band. Seems like to me this is the perfect type of band to be thrust into the festival circuit nostalgia spotlight or to have an entire generation of new bands ripping them off and gaining more exposure than they ever did, but alas, they’re left to the darkened corners of metal history, left to be discovered by those curious about what’s lost to time. I know Dark Descent put out a compilation collecting their first two demos and EP but that was damn near 5 years ago. At least somebody was paying attention.

Put this on.