Of those bands all lumped in to the supposed “Peaceville Three” category, My Dying Bride is the one that I think I listen to the least frequently. Maybe them and Paradise Lost. Anathema gets the most attention of those three but if we’re including Katatonia, which I am, then they would be my favorite from those early Euro doom/death bands. However, I think comparatively My Dying Bride has strayed the least away from the original sound they established during those early days. Anathema is not a metal band at all anymore, Katatonia is barely on the fence, and Paradise Lost only recently reclaimed their early sound (and for the better) but aside from some misstep albums here and there, My Dying Bride has always kept it heavy.  For the most part.

As far as earlier My Dying Bride goes, their first two albums, As the Flower Withers and Turn Loose the Swans are the generally accepted classics of the band, Turn Loose the Swans maybe the most but their third album often gets overlooked despite it being just as damn good as those other two and I think I know why. The Angel and the Dark is where they completely abandon the growling vocals and delve more into that misery laden, gothic tone that the band is synonymous with. I mean this one is probably the most dismal and depressing of their career, and probably of all the “Peaceville Three.” But that’s always been this bands bag. Misery.

Also this album is where the band pushes the violins up in the mix and when they appear they’re just as prominent as lead guitar. Violins are one of the immediate things I associate with this band and they’re on full display here.

Even with all that sound change, the album is still heavy as hell, for My Dying Bride that is. I think they swing more to the doom side of the death/doom genre, and really, more to a doom fueled goth metal, but whatever. Semantics. This is a great album from a legendary band from the genre and should easily be considered with Turn Loose the Swans when listening to My Dying Bride. Put this on and let misery take you away.