And with that April comes to a close, leaving a torrential downpour of killer albums in it’s wake. Why should the last week of this month be any different. May holds in it’s gradually warming hands some more highly anticipated albums so we’ll all look forward to that. Until then let’s finish off April with some awesome new music. Have at it.

NEW MUSIC: (Click the titles, I’m telling you)

Vampire – With Primeval Force
This is all the promise they showed on their EP and more. Vampire are from that newer breed of Swedish death metal where they’re using that melodic aspect but taking it in a darker more dismal sort of area with different influences. Think Tribulation but not nearly as gothic. I dig it though and the songs are interesting and still undoubtedly Swedish.

Arkheron Thodal – Thaw
Highly atmospheric and beautifully performed and written black metal from Montana. This atmospheric on 11. Haunting and engaging, there’s an overall natural feel to the album and some great use of samples, particularly from the Twilight Zone, that gives a sense of beauty being found in tradition or in something your heart belongs too. Just fucking killer.

Enisum – Seasons of Desolation
Italian, nature oriented, slightly atmospheric/folk black metal that is fairly by the book for the first half then slowly starts to add more death metal elements and some, more acoustic guitars and some female duet vocals that give it that oh so Italian theatrics, even if they are minimal. Those parts are the most engaging and interesting to me.

Mesarthim – Presence EP
I usually only go in for the Mesarthim full-lengths but this is supposedly a follow up to the “morse code” album, though in what capacity I’m not sure. This one takes a much more pop centric approach with the heavy electronic snare drum and danceable beats. If he wasn’t shrieking over everything and playing those fuzzed guitars you’d think this was Fine Young Cannibals or something. I think I’ll just stick to their full-lengths.

Ides of Gemini – Woman
Some doomed up, cultish, slightly psychedelic hard rock/metal. I’m iffy calling this
metal. Telling me this is on Neurot doesn’t surprise me either. It’s got that experimental, wandering sort of vibe I associate with them. Fairly good but not something I’ll jam all the time.

Fin – Arrows of a Dying Age
If you were in to Fin’s previous album you know the furious black metal this band brings. Insanely melodic and fast and unrelenting. Well, this new one is that as well, and I couldn’t want anymore from this band. Fucking killer songs and an unrelenting pace and the only thing that breaks the tension is a slight spaghetti western sounding intro to the final song. Yeah, but it fucking works. Another awesome release from this band.

Condor – Unstoppable Power
I thought that new Hellripper sort of crushed all black/thrash for the year but this Condor proved to be fairly formidable. Not as soul crushingly unrelenting as Hellripper, Condor adds a fair amount of NWOBHM and early speed metal styles in to the mix which while it cuts down on the all out assault it does add a more melodic, typical heavy metal experience to the whole thing. But they do fucking shred as well. Damn fun album.

Death Rides a Horse – More God Than Man
I was totally surprised when I saw this album come by. Pleasantly surprised. I had no idea they had a new album coming out, or were even working on one. A couple years ago my buddy slipped me the expanded version of their EP and while I’m not the biggest fan of stoner-ish doom metal, this band struck a chord with me and I jammed the ever loving shit out of that EP. Particularly their jaw dropping, stunning cover of the Scorpion’s “Fly to the Rainbow” which showcased all the bands strength and made that song theirs. Sorry, Scorps.

Anywho, this new album is all the power and prowess shown on said cover but of course, on all original material. The stoner elements are much more subdued on this outing, instead focusing on a darker, traditional doom sound, mixed with some traditional heavy metal and NWOBHM elements. It doesn’t even sound like one of those throwback bands since they’ve used these elements all to their own benefit. And lets’ not forget to talk about Ida’s vocals. Holy fuck, she has such a commanding voice. It’s soaring and grand like the last album but pushed even further, and the moments where she gets gruff and harsh, albeit infrequently, are a great addition to her already impressive range.

There’s a lot of bands that do this style not nearly as competently and as massively as Death Rides a Horse and it’s a shame they’re thuroughly ignored. Get this one now.

Sarcasm – Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds
Fuck yes, Sarcasm. I guess this is technically their first album in over 20 years as last years Burial Dimensions was actually recorded in 1994. But who cares, this new one is fucking killer and full of all the riffs. Swedish as fuck, classic Swedish as fuck. They may not be changing the game but they sure know how to fucking play it. This band is so underrated it breaks my fucking heart.


Black Sabbath – Headless Cross
Night Demon – Darkness Remains
Farsot – Failure
Mourners Lament – We All be Given
Falls of Rauros – Vigilance Perennial
Abyssic Hate – Suicidal Emotions
Subrosa – No Help for the Mighty One
Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Judas Priest – British Steel
Entrails – Tales From the Morgue
Carcass – Heartwork
Eucharist – Mirrorworlds
Negative Plane – Stained Glass Revelations
Suffocation – …Of the Dark Light
Spirit Adrift – Chained to Oblivion
My Dying Bride – A Map of All Our Failures

Until next time, make mine metal!