For some reason I thought this was going to be a funeral doom album. I mean, looking at the name, the blue, ominous, church shrine cover art, the logo design, I don’t think I can be blamed here. Quickly upon starting up the album I found myself to be 100% wrong.

What greeted my ears was some distant, echoing, evil as all fucking get out, black metal. That’s not a disappointment, in fact, as I made my way through the album I found that Negative Plane don’t really sound like any other band I can think of.

Now they approach black metal through a creative and intricate manner, playing with all sorts of different playing methods, sounds, timing, presentation. I’m remind of Oranssi Pazuzu and how they do a similar thing but with vastly different results. One thing that both do well is the inclusion of psychedelic styles. While Oranssi goes for more of the atmosphere, Negative Plane just straight up uses the guitar style. There’s even some surf like guitar sounds going on with that echoing, whammy effect. Straight up surf guitar. Now, it doesn’t suddenly sound like fucking Dick Dale or anything, but it’s there and it’s an interesting compliment to the unrelenting darkness and evil cult like presence the album has.

Overall, this one just kind of fucking floored me. I was expecting one thing and I got something completely and amazingly different. What a unique and interesting band. Give this one a shot, for sue.

Grab the album digitally over here at their Bandcamp page.