I’m not really all that into the gore genres of metal, or the bands who deal with a lot of gore obsessed imagery. Like all outlying metal genres I do like a few of the bands and Entrails is one I have a weak spot for, especially since they’re last album Obliteration which I though the band finally broke free of being a classic Swedish death metal throwback band and found their own footing while still retaining their love for that era.

Did I say Swedish death metal? I sure did. Now whether or not they’re a throwback band is debatable as legend has it the founding members had a band going as far back as 1990 but weren’t satisfied with what they were producing so they scrapped the whole thing until nostalgia set in in the late 2000’s. If you didn’t know that, then yes, Tales From the Morgue, their first album, sounds like that classic early Swedish death metal sound. To a fucking T. Particularly Dismember, who are no strangers to violent themes. However, Entrails, and most of these gore obsessed bands, borrow from horror movies and horror movie imagery as opposed to every day typical horrors (how cynical I am).

And they do it well. There’s nothing really to complain about on this album. There’s good riffs, good vocals, good energy. I think the band gets better with each subsequent album but this is a good Swedish death metal album in that classic vein. Comfort food death metal to be sure.

You can get the re-released version with new artwork, like I did, over at Dark Descent Records.