If’n you combined early Darkthrone and early Ulver, the sound you’d get is Abyssic Hate, albeit with a extremely depressing and bleak atmosphere covering the whole thing. I say Darkthrone because Abyssic Hate is taken from a Darkthrone song and I say Ulver because the band has the early Ulver super fuzzed up guitar sound but with the beautiful melodic riffing. It’s sort of deceptive that way. You wouldn’t imagine an album called¬†Suicidal Emotions to be fairly beautiful musically. I’m sure based on the song titles and the shrill, pained, distant vocals that what dude is singing about is less than happy but the music is so damn engaging.

This came out in 2000 and I’m not sure if Depressive Black Metal was a thing then or what but if it wasn’t, this might be one of the originators of that style. I’m also not sure if this music is intended to make the listener depressed or introspective or forlornness or what. It is highly emotional and depressing, after all it’s in the genre title, but when I listen to DSBM, at least the bands I like in that genre, I never feel depressed or saddened. I usually feel uplifted or captivated or pleasantly enraptured by the misery. Maybe therein lies the true measure of DSBM, to make you not miserable through misery.

I don’t know but the music is fucking killer.