How about we stick with Sweden a little longer? I thought you wouldn’t mind. We’re in Sweden but let’s switch gears from all the dark and brooding black metal we’ve been featuring. It’s fucking time for some power metal!

Fuck yes, Cryonic Temple!

Cryonic Temple has a new album coming out this Friday (April. 21st) which I discovered while jamming this album so it seemed like a sign from the cheese gods up high that this be the topic for today. Now, Cryponic Temple were one of the earlier classic/traditional heavy metal revivalists along with Hammerfall, and Primal Fear. Bands that embraced the over the top performances and sounds of those 80’s power metal greats, combined with the non-stop rock prowess of the NWOBHM acts. Accept, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, all can be heard here. While Hammerfall went more for a polished, Euro metal fest singalong style and Primal Fear was doing that albeit gruffer, Cryonic Temple goes for a full on epic, Helloween shred style mixed with the groovier side of NWOBHM, but also that over the top cheese factor of Manowar, especially in songs like “Long Live the Warrior” with the angry talking intro/story telling aspect and the total and complete devotion to all things metal IE: battles, being a warrior, hailing to the brothers and other things worth hailing, etc.

And it’s pure fucking awesome. Just pure metal over indulgence with great songs and vocals. All you could want from this type of metal.