Looks like we’ll be staying in Sweden for a bit longer. That’s just fucking fine with me. However, unlike the previous entries we’re getting away from that Swedish melodic grandeur and heading towards the dark and brooding abyss. Enter: Mortuus.

Mortuus recently came to my attention as part of a four way split with some of my favorite bands, Abigor and Nightbringer, as well as Thy Darkened Shade, which if you haven’t checked out yet, is a fucking awesome split. I enjoyed their part of the album and filed them away to check out later. Luckily for me my buddy Ben shared with me their 2014 album so I thought it was time to do that checking out later now.

Turns out Mortuus contains Tehom from the band Ofermod, a criminally underrated black metal band. I thought it sounded somewhat familiar, though Mortuus is delving more into darker, less riff driven, more atmosphere building territories. That’s not to say there aren’t some riffs going on but like I said they’re more in service to the atmosphere. The guitars actually remind me of what Watain was doing on Lawless Darkness. That sort of epic sustain and well produced tone.

Tonally the album is fairly bleak and dismal. It’s not an album that immediately punches you in the face. It’s more a slow burn, building and building that atmosphere and staying in the shadows. It’s got that creepy early Mayhem vibe to it as well, like this would be good music for jamming at midnight under a full moon in a castle somewhere.

I can see now why they were included on that split as their music is moody and evocative and sinisterly dark. Dig it and grab a digital copy over the Bandcamp page.