How long has it been since we’ve traveled to Sweden? Too fucking long most likely. So let’s correct that now with some Ishtar.

Coming in at the final second of the 90’s with their one and only full-length (you know how I love those one album bands), Ishtar combine that super sweet, classic, Swedish melodic black metal  with a highly prominent and aggressive symphonic/orchestra overtone. The symphony aspect is even aggressive I’d say. No, not like Dimmu Borgir. Well, kind of, but much more in conjunction with the metal as opposed to it’s own separate entity. Similar to what Obtained Enslavement were doing there on Witchcraft, sonically at least. Hyper symphonic I’ve heard it referred to. Aside from that it’s a blasting hours worth of damn great black metal riffing, great shrieking vocals, and nice atmosphere. If you like black metal at all this will do you good.