Remember how awesome Heol Telwen were in yesterday’s post? How could you forget? Well, they only released that one full-length then disappeared in a cloud of folk metal mastery. Luckily for us a couple members went on to make Bran Barr’s Sidh album in 2010, the spiritual follow up to An Deiz Ruz.

Now this is almost identical to An Deiz Ruz. There are differences here and there, like Sidh has a warmer production quality, more clean(ish) vocals and a little more flair for the dramatic with a lot of purely folk instrumental parts. Also there’s more of a reliance on the flute, which is way high in the mix and almost as prevalent as the vocals. But, the guitars are super fucking melodic, the songs are insane, and the album is just as infectious as An Deiz Ruz.

And that fucking rules.

I’d sort of dismissed this heavy folk focussed metal but goddamn this two albums just fucking sucked me back in. Kudos to you, you crazy French, Celtic bastards.

Get this one on Bandcamp as well.