Sweet. Fucking. Satan. This album. Oh my. This album is seriously one of the most infectious albums I’ve ever heard. What the fuck is going on here?

Let’s back up. My buddy Ben shared some more music with me recently and he mentioned something about how he can’t get enough of this Heol Telwen. That right there was enough of an endorsement. I knew it was going to be good but how good, fuck. I was not expecting this.

Heol Telwen are a folk black metal band based heavily on Celtic folk. Now typically this kind of blending of folk, especially at this amount, leads to extreme cheese or those festival only type of folk metal bands that are more a cosplay version than anything else, but Heol Telwen never get there, and they are about the folkiest black metal band I’ve ever heard. I’d wager to say it’s more folk than black metal but he metal is still a fluid and natural part of the music.

What also blows my fucking mind is that this band is from France. Fucking France! Not exactly known for their Celtic heavy folk metal. I’d never have guess this band was French. No fucking way.

This album is so fucking catchy, so melodic, so, fucking folky, it’s amazing. I can’t even think of any other band that comes close to this sound or even impact. Maybe the latest Saor album. Early Vintersorg? Maybe? Whatever, fucking drop what you’re doing and get on this album, right now. You can get it for three fucking dollars on Bandcamp over here.