The 90’s is the fucking sweet spot for lost and under-appreciated thrash as the genre was in it’s supposed death throws. But more tenacious  thrashers persisted despite the mainstream’s concern with radio hits and ballads and whatnot and there in lies the gems.

Such is Forced Entry, a thrash band that is wrongfully labeled as a “groove” metal band, a label I think that is thrown at any thrash band that made music in the 90’s. What they’re really doing is mixing the party time thrash vibe, with more “serious” thrash endeavors of bands like Heathen, or Cyclone Temple, with a high level of progressive technicality and some sense of humor. Technical thrash can be so fucking sweet when done well and not just for show and Forced Entry, while being technically proficient, use that skill to better the songs and the melody, making these songs fucking thrash bangers and technical accomplishments. There’s points in there that remind me of the more progressive and technical era of Death. There’s those moments of blurring the lines with death and thrash. But then there are those downright silly moments like “We’re Dicks” or “How We Spent Our Summer Vacation” which are just good party thrashers.

Goddamn I love finding (or in this case having been shared with) good thrash albums that are off the beaten path. The genre is more rewarding in this area then you’ll ever find with the Big 4, 5, 6, 7, or however many you’re counting for the American thrash bands. Skip those fuckers and give this one a try instead.