If you haven’t heard Angelcorpse by now, you should probably rectify that fucking right now. Like, seriously, right now. Go and get Exterminate and The Inexorable and strap yourself in for some of the most furious, well executed, nasty, filthy, punishing blackened death metal you’ve ever heard. Fucking Angelcorpse rules. So hard. Those albums will dominate your ears for eternity.

It’s a fucking crying shame I haven’t featured Angelcorpse on this page before but I mean to fix that right now with their 2001 compilation album Iron, Blood & Blasphemy. I’m not typically one to go for compilation albums but hey, it’s Angelcorpse and I may have mentioned they fucking rule. Also I got the CD for $5. A steal at double the price.

This compilation collects the Winds of Desecration 7″, the Wolflust EP, the Nuclear Hell EP, the Goats To Azazael demo, and some live tracks recorded in Rome in 1998. So pretty much everything they’ve done that isn’t full-length albums. All these songs are Angelcorpse through and through. Blasting fucking death metal at it’s nastiest and most infectious.

What really peaks my ears is their covers on here, and there’s quite a few. I don’t usually get all giddy about cover songs because it’s rare that they are actually good or interesting but combining Angelcorpse’s sheer brutality with some of my favorite bands, as well as some intense bands in their own rights, creates some insanely awesome covers. We have covers by Sarcofago, Morbid Angel, Slayer, Judas Priest, Possessed, Kreator, and Iron Maiden and they nail every. single. one. Masterfully and with passion for the original creators.

It’s hard to say anything else about this band other than they simply, truly, fucking own and you need them in your lives. Immediately.

Get this album digitally over here.