Recently the band Blood Incantation has skyrocketed up my playlist and become one of my more favorite recent acts. Because of that I keep seeing, or keep getting recommended Timeghoul, a band lost to the ages. As it so happened, Dark Descent had a sale and they reissued all of Timeghoul’s works on a sweet double cd. So I bit. Now let’s dive into this.

Goddamn I love finding stuff like this. Fucking amazing, high concept death metal. I can see (hear?) now why I this band was getting recommended based on Blood Incantation. Timeghoul have a highly technical approach to death metal, but not of that flashy, jerking off, look at me style. It’s very much suited to the concept and idea of band, which is very much rooted in the cosmos and sci-fi, and that’s what the music sounds like. Like a complex sci-fi novel or the vast reaches of space. It’s technicality that is used to make a distinct sound and atmosphere. Blood Incantation are utilizing a similar approach, albeit in a different way, but that’s a different post.

This fucking rules, heavily. I’m not sure why this isn’t a fucking classic of death metal. It’s vastly ahead of it’s time and extremely well crafted and creative. It doesn’t even seem like most of the members went on to other bands. That’s a damn shame. At least this collection exists and you can hear it, and why wouldn’t you want to? It’s fucking amazing.

Get the double disc version via Dark Descent Records over here.