Since we’re still in a Gris mood from yesterday I thought I’d keep that Canadian train rolling with Miserere Luminis.

Miserere Luminis is a one time collaborative project from the members of Gris and Sombres Forêts, another Quebec based black metal band you should be listening to. I guess it’s a sort of Canadian black metal super group, if such a thing exists or if you care about that sort of thing. Mostly it’s just fucking killer music.

The album is very much a part of it’s location and that famous Quebec black metal sound is more than dominate, however more on the dreary, dissonant  side of things. I’m not going to say it isn’t atmospheric, like so much of this scene, because it’s atmospheric in it’s own dark way, but it’s not creating landscapes of sounds like you typically associate with atmospheric black metal. While sorrow and darkness imbue both bands, I think the more technical aspect of the album skews more to Sombres Forêts more aggressive and despondent approach to their music. It does truly sound like it’s own project I just think Sombres influence was a bit more dominant.

This is a fucking headphones album if ever there was one. The sound just washes over you and envelops you whole in the desolate and somewhat scary sounds. Again, there’s a great beauty here in all this dreariness and this album captures it amazingly. More great metal from Quebec. Why aren’t you jamming this?