Swedish? Check. 90s? Double check. Only album? Check, check, check. Melodic as fuck death metal with a sci-fi theme? Sweet holy hell, check. Then how the fuck did I miss this for so long? It’s the sort of album that I dream about.

Well, here in reality, Crystal Age’s one and only album thankfully exists for us to listen to in our waking hours.

Wait, what was that about melodic death metal and sci-fi? Oh, you caught that, too. Well, not satisfied with just releasing a fucking riff factory of Swedish death metal, Crystal Age decided to also throw in a balls crazy sci-fi epic story into the mix. The exact plot and narrative is a bit convoluted, suffice to say it’s some sort of Star Wars like universe where technology and mysticism exist together. There’s even a Darth Vader sound clip at the end of the second song. Each song is a separate act in the space opera, each starting with the act number and title. I think the sci-fi element of it is an awesome addition and adds just that little bit of extra craziness to this already ridiculous album.

And by ridiculous I mean fucking awesomely ridiculous. The guitar playing on this is out of this fucking world (see what I did there? Oh, fuck you) and is just riff after riff after riff after fucking riff of insane melodic death metal over insanely pounding and driving drums. It’s the classic Swedish death metal sound mixed with the classic Swedish melodic death metal sound and turned up to 11.

This fucking rules.