With all the retro/re-thrash/80’s crossover bands of late (and not so late, I guess) not a lot of the progenitors of the style really get that much credit, or are even that prevalent anymore, except DRI who I believe will die of old age on tour. Even so, The Accused are often left out of the DRI, S.O.D., Suicidal Tendencies grouping and that’s a damn shame.

Could be because of their geographical location in Washington, a state that all but wiped it’s musical history out when grunge came slacking in. Could be because The Accused veer much more to the punk side of things. Who knows why.

But The Accused are fucking awesome. They have this crossover style nailed down perfectly and just hearing this album alone you can hear the influence, or direct rip off, in tons of bands today, although the modern bands are missing the ridiculous sense of humor that makes this band so unique.

It’s almost borderline gimmicky, or maybe more so a band identity with so much focus being on band’s zombie mascot Martha Splatterhead, a character that appears quite frequently through the bands career, and is even the star of numerous songs involving her horribly killing various degenerates and fuck faces.

This album fucking rules. So much ridiculous fun from a band that helped create a sound that is so coveted by bands today. Get on this band.