Whoa buddy, some fucking crushing albums came out this week. Some possible year end, best of contenders in the midst too, but overall the metal this week was above average awesomeness. Put some on while you chug green Budweiser this weekend.

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Holy Martyr – Darkness Shall Prevail
Every Holy Martyr album focusses on a different battle friendly topic. The first was about the Roman Empire, the second, the Spartans, and third, Samurai. Now on their fourth album they turned to… drum roll please… Lord of the Rings. I’m certain this road is well paved and they don’t bring anything new to this concept. They music is a little more doom-ish, more traditional, I’m sure to fit with the theme but man this band felt more alive on their first when when they were taking on a unique topic and playing almost speed metal levels of epic-ness. Oh well.

Cloud Rat & Moloch Split
What I find most interesting about Cloud Rat is their genre blending and lack of hesitation to mix things up even within those genres. This split finds them more focussed on their grindcore roots and to my ears, isn’t as interesting or appealing as their previous works, except the last song which finds them getting into a weird, shoegaze goth sort of thing, which they do exceedingly well. I’ll be honest I mostly got this for the Cloud Rat side. The Moloch side is ok. Sludgy doomy stuff.

Wormwood – Ghostlands: Wounds From a Bleeding Heart
Super Swedish, melodic black/death metal from some of the members of Withershin and Manegarm, which is pretty much what this band sounds like. Some furious black metal but with an ever present ethereal melody, so Manegarm minus the folk and weird gothic/pop aesthetics. Pretty solid over all, good fun if nothing else.

Cult of Fire – –
Cult of Fire continues their EP only release schedule since 2013’s un-type-able named full-length, but they still bring it every fucking time. This one sees them going all in and getting a bit Sigh eclectic with their sound. Epic I keep hearing these guys referred to as and I’m starting to believe it. Insane black metal. Fits right in with fellow countrymen Master’s Hammer and Root. Love the Czech metal. Also, they’re giving this and all their albums away for free on their website. Sweet deal!

Obituary – Obituary
It’s Obituary. It sounds like Obituary. If you don’t know what that sounds like, you should probably go and get some Obituary.

Dodecahedron – Kwintessens
Dodecahedron have a unique take on black metal is refreshing. Relying more on the ferocity of the genre, the band travels into the avant-garde territory with bizarre soundscapes, complex musical structures, a sense of cosmic scope, and some down and dirty, Portal like crushers, albeit more melodic than Portal, but that same sort of dissonance. Their a complicated band to describe but the sound is spot on. Love the creativity of this band.

Lantern – II: Morphosis
Lantern’s previous album hit a like a ton of blackened death metal bricks so expectations were high for their follow up and I don’t think it disappoints. Already playing with genre, Lantern ads in some more doom elements and more of a faster punk/hardcore element to their crushing sound, which makes it even more intriguing, and even more immediate. Damn good album here, maybe topping the last one.

Memoriam – For the Fallen
Half Benediction, half Bolt Thrower, Memoriam is probably as close to a new Bolt Thrower album we’ll ever get. With Karl Willetts on vocals and the plodding, crunch heavy, solid death metal approach similarly used by Bolt Thrower, you kind of know what you’re getting here, and that’s death metal of the highest Bolt Thrower caliber. This album fucking rules.


Absu – The Sun of Tiphareth
Final Sign – Hold High the Flame
Vektor – Terminal Redux
Panopticon – Kentucky
Coroner – RIP
Paths – Where the Oakenhearted Dwell
Lantern – Below
Foreseen – Helsinki Savagery
Red Fang – Only Ghosts
Mortiis – Fodt Til A Herske
Omen – Battle Cry
Danzig – Danzig
Danzig – II: Lucifuge
Vulture – Victim to the Blade
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic
Coldworld – Melancholie 2
Omen: The Curse/Nightmares
Omen – Warning of Danger

Until next time, make mine metal.