There was a fair bit of commotion, “buzz” if you will, last year about the new ColdWorld album. Not being familiar with the band, hearing all the good things about it, and knowing people were referring to it as a DSBM band, a genre I typically like, after hearing it I didn’t understand what all the hype was about. It was good, granted, but why all the fuss? Sounds like a fairly solid DSBM flavored black metal band (though I think it’s less depressive in nature and more ambient but what the fuck ever).

Ah, it’s because the first album is so highly regarded.

Coming out eight years prior to AutumnMelancholie² is highly praised and respected. I’ve heard this album referred to as a masterpiece. Color me fucking intrigued.

And yeah, this album is fucking awesome. The thing with DSBM, to me, is that a lot of the bands sound like each other since they use such similar effects and styles so it’s hard for me to trace where it really originated from. ColdWorld could be borrowing from other bands here, but to my ears, he (yup, one man band) sounds more unique than most. It’s actually, like his follow up album, less DSBM than you would imagine and more ambient and atmospheric and (gasp) post. However it is probably one of the most beautiful black metal leaning albums I’ve ever heard. I’ll spare you the “there’s beauty in darkness” speech because yes, this album is highly emotional. It’s not called “depressive suicidal black metal” for nothing, and yeah, this one deals with all sorts of tragedy and dark emotions, but that sweet atmosphere makes it entrancing.

I found this album to be less monotonous and more eclectic than most bands doing this sort of thing. Monotony is usually par for the course in this genre and that works to great affect when done right, but ColdWorld switches it up, creates a wall of mournful, yet rapturous sound, and leaves you feeling at peace, or at least, tranquil and calm. Is it a masterpiece? Maybe? It’s fucking damn good, however you want to say that.

Get it on his Bandcamp page.