In my mind Paths is like a dormant giant. Well, not so much dormant, I guess, a noisy giant that nobody is fucking looking at. I think he’s (yup, one man black metal band) just about ready to take over black metal, or at least, get the same amount of notoriety around here that seems to only be reserved nowadays for war metal bands that sound like exactly like every other war metal band.

But I digress.

Paths fucking rules. Where the Oakenhearted Dwell is but one of two albums he released in 2014, the other being Beauty and Nihility, which is also worth putting in your ears. Paths exudes atmospheric black metal, and hailing from Canada, land of the atmospheric black metal bands, you probably think you have a good idea of what Paths sounds like. Well, he doesn’t sound like the nature oriented black metal of Quebec, if that’s what you were thinking (I know it was). Paths is more of doom ladened, dissonant, reflective sort of black metal. Not that there isn’t a nature element to the sound, it’s just presented in a more dreary manner. The production is more raw (said for the one billionth time in a black metal review) than most of his fellow countrymen, and his voice a distant rasp, which makes the album feel much larger is scope, like an ominous loud echo through a valley or ravine.

All that to say Paths makes incredible black metal. Atmospheric but not your traditional run of the mill atmospheric. It’s unique and captivating and needs to fill more ears.

And the best part is you can get this and his other album for any price you want over at Bandcamp.