Take a look at the artwork for this album. It’s a Conan like barbarian hold aloft his sword and the albums aforementioned flame, in the faces of a wall of nasty looking goblins or trolls or orcs or whatever you want to call them. It’s so fucking power metal it makes my pantaloons quiver. With an album cover like that, you’ve know what your in for.

And Final Sign doesn’t disappoint. Like the barbarian of the cover art, Final Sign hold high the flame of traditional power metal, but with some modern sensibilities. If you like that 80’s style, American power metal you’ll find plenty to enjoy here and plenty to bang your head too, or pump your fist to, or like I enjoy doing, the fist clenching, bring it in epic grab. Oh yeah. Power metal nerd.

Aside from the standard traditional power metal assault, a lot of the focus is on lead singer Shawn Pelata who summons the power and presence of Tim Ripper from his Iced Earth days but with a hint of Dio/Dickenson in the more epic moments. Speaking of Ripper, though, Final Sign remind me more of his current band Walls of Jericho with the soaring vocals and more focus on a straight forward metal approach.

Fucking regardless, this album is head strong and stubborn in it’s traditional power metal excess and I love every second of it because of that. Throw down the fucking gauntlet and storm head first into a wall of orcs with this one. Make this Monday tremble.

Get it on Bandcamp here.