I saw today that Holy Martyr has a new album out and I thought, “that bad seems familiar to me somehow.” It’s not in my library anywhere. Low and behold their first album has been sitting in my “to listen to” exploration folder on my desktop for almost two years now. I suspect I found them while reading interviews with Visigoth two years ago when they released their first album. As I recall Holy Martyr was on a list of “epic metal” bands Visigoth was discussing as newer influences. Well, good thing I saw their new release as it inspired me to finally give this one a listen.

Yeah, epic metal is the best way to describe this band. Or “true metal” or whatever tag you think is appropriate for this kind of straight forward, battle-centric metal. My initial reaction is they sound like an 80’s power metal band but with Manilla Road style vocals. They’re musically speedier than most bands that get this “epic metal” tag, almost to a speed metal zone, but combined with the Italian accent singing about Roman gods and battles, it plants it’s battle spear right in power metal territory.

God I love when Italians go cheesy with their metal because few do it as gloriously magnificent, and straight-faced as Italians. They’re never subtle. Take Rhapsody, Labyrinth, or even Hour of Penance (from a death metal perspective) and Holy Martyr share that same, unabashed enthusiasm for their war driven, glorious metal.

Good fun, ridiculous music, and fist pumping-ly awesome.