Here we fucking go in to March. At least we still have metal, right?

NEW STUFF: (Click those titles, trust me)

Arduini/Balich – Dawn of Ages
I’m typically interested in what Cruz Del Sur is putting out because they tend to focus mostly on bands playing in trad metal, power or trad doom styles that I enjoy so much. Adruini/Balich consists of two players from Argus and Fates Warning and brings the doomy/progressive jams. Fairly typical but highly enjoyable.

Manetheren – The End
Some lofty, high concept atmospheric black metal detailing the ascension of one man to a god like existence while the world ends and he’s left to rule over the wasteland. Not sure the concept comes across as much but the music is beautiful and engaging.

Archivist – Construct
Bands like Deafheaven and Ghost Bath may be leaving a bad taste in everybody’s post-everything black metal mouths but there’s some bands out there not getting enough credit either because people hate the previous mentioned bands or they love them too much to look for anything else. Archivist is one of those bands. Highly melodic, atmospheric, with that ethereal black metal haze, they plow through all the post sounds and still keep things firmly heavy. Solid as their first, maybe better.

Cancerslug – Fuck the Bullshit This is: Cancerslug
It’s Cancerslug, dirty, offensive, pop driven nasty rock n’ roll punk. I think their last one Sassy for Satan was a bit more fun but hey, this is no slouch either.

Violet Cold – Anomie
Incredibly heartfelt and beautiful ambient/atmospheric black metal from this band who’ve really upped their game on this album. Captivating through and through.

Imperceptum – The Eternal Path to Nothingness
Fuuuuuuuuuucking dismal, nasty, crushingly atmospheric funeral doom/black metal. Not for casual listening and definitely for headphones. Killer.

Cuscuta – Ruin
Heavy with apocalyptic atmosphere and dismal as fuck black metal. Soul crushing and weighty. Dig it.

Deletere – Per Aspera Ad Pestilentiam EP
Fuck. Yes. Deleter, right out of the gate with the highly melodic, infectious riffing and blistering intensity. Epic song structures that draws from the melodic melody, powered by that distant but crucial organ sound in the back. And this is just an EP! Every bit it’s previous full-lengths equal. Maybe better. Get on this band.

Fen – Winter
I’m always interested in what Fen is doing and what they’re doing now is fucking epic atmospheric black metal with some progressive leanings. To be sure, it’s mostly black metal but they’ve taken it to some beautiful heights. Yes, I think the run time of over 75 minutes, 90 minutes with the bonus disc, is a bit excessive and the album probably could have used some editing but when they reach those massive peaks, the band is making some incredible music. Fucking killer.

Scott H. Biram – The Bad Testement
Scott exudes eclectic country sounds on this new album. All the grit and grime and attitude of outlaw country with songwriting and guitar playing mastery, this one has the bite and the bark. And he does it all himself. All the instruments. Fucking awesome.

Julie Byrne – Not Even Happiness
I have a hard time talking about folk music as I don’t think I have enough experience with it’s history and current practitioners to really, fully conjure the right words to express the music but I do know that this new Julie Byrne album is magnificently beautiful if you’re into somber folk music with an ambient tinge to it. And to think I discovered this through an article about Power Trip, a crossover metal band.

Gorephilia – Severed Monolith
Just like retro “re” thrash was all the rage in the mid 2000’s I think death metal might be doing a similar thing with all the OSDM sounding bands nowadays. If it’s a newer band I just assume they’re going for the OSDM sound and 9 times out of 10 that’s what it is. Gorephilia mix it up a bit but you can still hear their influences on their sleeves. It’s not bad, not at all, just more of the same, if you ask me.

Disharmony – Goddamn the Sun
And just as I was bemoaning new death metal bands for focussing to much on the past, here comes the new Disharmony with their stuck in time 90’s, Hellenic styled blackened/death metal. However, this band was around during the heyday of the Greek 90’s metal scene but just now decided to finally release a full-length. And yeah, it’s like they just picked up where they left off in the 90s. I love that regional era of black metal so this is a nice surprise. All sorts of cheesy fun.