It’s been a crazy busy week so I wasn’t able to get to a my daily reviews, however I was able to listen to a bunch of new releases. Some solid stuff this week, which seems to be the trend for the year so far. Solid. Nothing absolutely amazing yet, but solid. And fun. Tons of fun stuff coming out this year. Look at it. Here it is, now…

NEW STUFF: (Click the fucking titles)

Midnight – Shox of Violence
If you like Midnights brand of sleazed up blackened speed metal you’ll probably like this compilation. It’s them do that full on. Some new songs a shit ton of covers and a couple of unlistenable live tracks. Pretty straight forward and good fun.

(Waning) – Still Hours
Came across this band view a review site and the description caught my eye. Think it was compared to Paradise Lost or one of those sadder doom bands I like so much. It’s not like that, not really, it’s more a of a post everything doom ambient sort of thing. Very morose, very dark. It’s heavy in places and I dig the vibe of it but it’s sort of docile.

King Woman – Created in the Image of Suffering
I’ve been anticipating this bands first full-length and based on their previous EP it’s what I was expecting. Shoe-gaze, post metal/rock with melancholic doom power. It’s really a huge pot of various sounds but the overall tone of misery and darkness, matched with Kristina Esfandiari’s amazing, breathy voice makes this band stand out. Not so much on the metal side but I dig it nonetheless.

Dreaming Dead – Funeral Twilight
Fairly decent nasty death metal with melodic overtones and a thrash underpinning. A band made of other bands, mostly Exhausted Prayer, Manslaughter and Cretin’s guitarist Elizabeth Schall pulling guitar and vocal duties. Her voice is fucking nasty and perfect for this bands horror themed music. Solid if nothing else.

Woe – Hope Attrition
I thought I remembered Woe being more melancholic and lighter in nature. Not so much atmospheric black metal but closer to depressive black metal. This one is a lot of furious black metal focussing more on the intensity, but still with some of the melodic melancholic parts. Decent album, though I’m not liking this as much as their previous albums.

Ancst – Furnace EP
Even though the band only has one full-length out, they manage to put out a couple EPs or splits a year and first up for the year is their new EP. I haven’t dug into all of their releases but the couple I have I’ve enjoyed immensley because I’m such a mark for crusted up black metal/death metal/doom kind of stuff. Furnace finds the band focussing more on their bleak melodic side and black metal side then their other inspirations but still manage to throw in some surprises. Good band with solid music.

Wind in His Hair – Earthwrecker
Awesome Crusty anarchist atmospheric black metal all about the destruction of our lands, as told by Germans through the lens of Native Americans. Ah metal.

Pure Wrath – Ascetic Eventide
If you didn’t know any better you’d think this band was from America or Canada based on the highly atmospheric and “Cascadian” black metal style of the album but alas, from Indonesia. Highly melodic, highly atmospheric. Reminds me of the last Blut Aus Nord album (look at the cover art) or a less lofty Vallendusk. Solid all the way through.

Striker – Striker
Striker seems to have found some new energy by infusing more punk and speed metal into their straight ahead metal sound. It’s still got that rock n roll vibe to it but more aggressive, less power metal than they’ve been. They sound more traditional and more refreshed. Solid.

Abigor/Nightbringer/Thy Darkened Shade/Mortuus – Split
I like the idea of this split. Four bands all taking a part or movement of one song, I’m just not sure how well it all works. Abigor typically shine on full-lengths and these splits and EPs find them usually experimenting with their sound. All the bands sound good and again, I like the idea but maybe on a different subject or style? I dunno.


Rebel Wizard – Negative Wizard Metal
Embrional – Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors
Horn – Turm am Hang
Falconer – Falconer
Kreator – Gods of Violence
The Last Surrealist – So Ready to Close My Eyes
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic