My buddy Ben and I were talking about a band recently and he said they reminded him of Embrional, a Polish death metal band, to which I agreed, although I only had reference from one Embrional album, 2015’s The Devil Inside, which is a nasty, dirty slab of death metal, which just gets it’s fucking hooks right in you. Why hadn’t I explored this bands only other album? Good fucking question. Today I make that happen.

And this album is fucking devastating. Of course. Bludgeoning, hateful, nihilistic, death metal in only the way Poland can deliver. What I think really works for this band is that they straddle the fence between the more basic or traditional gore-soaked, death metal and the more technical, over indulgent death metal, while never bringing in the downsides of those genres. Yes, it’s technical but it’s not in your face about it as the song is the main focus. Yes it’s brutal, but not so mind numbingly stupid about it. And it’s intense, through and through.

I do think they’re follow up is a better album. It’s more focusses and more intense and catchier with insane riffs. This one isn’t far behind but that second album is where they really find their footing. Still good enough to crush your skulls in.

You can get the album on Bandcamp right over here.