I’ve been so fucking angry at the world as of late and with the new Kreator and Overkill albums coming out mere weeks apart, thrash has been taking up a lot of my listening time. Especially when driving, which there may not be better music for road rage, so today I’m giving you a double dose of thrash intensity. Courtesy of my buddy Ben who has the best taste in thrash (and metal in general), no bullshit here, just fucking thrash glory.

Detente – Recognize No Authority (1986)
Of the two albums this one is more traditional thrash. Meaning you can still hear the NWOBHM influence on this band, which is evident in the more speed metal songs on the album. Aside from that this album is sheer shred and aggression highlighted by Dawn Crosby’s tremendous vocals (more on here other bands in another post). She has the fucking perfect voice for thrash, nasally, growling, raspy and fucking nasty. The rest of the band has the chops too with the wild guitar playing, furious speeds, and creative riffing. This thing just oozes thrash. It’s so fucking good and pissed off. It’s another shining example of the American thrash gems lost in the 80’s. Also the title is a battle cry for today’s climate. Recognize no fucking authority.

You can get the double disc version with all the demo’s on Bandcamp here.

Nekromantheon – Divinity of Death (2010)
This band blew me the fuck away with their 2012 album Rise, Vulcan Spectre and it’s sheer thrash intensity. That’s an album that takes no fucking prisoners and just assaults you for 30 minutes. Divinity of Death is much in the same vein. The bands first full-length, Divinity reminds me mostly of those early German thrash bands and just how off kilter and going for the throat they were. Like they were just an explosion of anger that just so happened to be playing music. It’s fucking intense and could go off the track at any moment. That’s this band and album, albeit from Norway. These guys are just pure anger intensity. There’s no stopping here, there’s no catching your breath or melodic NWOBHM, lighter riffing. It’s just thrash at it’s purest, straight from the gut, pissed off, and raw. Fucking love this band.