Finnish 90’s death metal. Such a sentence should send a shiver of excitement up your spine. The Finnish do know how to craft some death metal and are no slouches when it comes to classic bands and albums from that period but they also have their fair share of less acknowledged bands. Hence Scum.

This is a bit of a weird one. This album was originally intended to be the bands third release and was originally sent to Quorthon (of Bathory, you fucks) to be released on his label, but he never responded and the band broke up leaving the album unreleased. That is until Blood Music brought in back from the depths in December of 2016.

Now this isn’t an older band getting together to cash in on nostalgia, this is the recording from 1996, unearthed for all to hear. It’s undeniably Finnish. Focussing more on mid-paced, doom-y speed with a focus on melodic, killer riffs, the album is fucking awesome for all of it’s 44 minutes. There’s also a sense of gothic melancholy hovering around the whole album which fits perfectly with the more basic, atmosphere building of the rhythm section. Technicality is not the aim here, more the creation of good songs, and while the main riffing can be technical or intricate at times, it’s to further the atmosphere.

I’m glad this album was finally released as it’s a hidden gem from the earlier death metal period of a vital metal country. Damn good all around.

You can get this album for any price you want over at Blood Music’s Bandcamp page.