As far as I’m concerned Sigh can never get enough attention or credit, which is fucking weird because it seems like to me that they don’t. I mean for fuck’s sake, they’ve been around since the early 90’s and their first album was on Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence, and since then have put out nothing but great albums. They’re always experimenting, always incorporating new sounds and styles into their sound and they’re always making killer fucking music. Hands down. Yet we’d rather gush and fawn and scream about Baby Metal than a Japanese band that is truly creative and unique and not a fucking novelty act.

But I digress…

You never know where Sigh is going to go from album to album. This being their sixth, they swung further away from their less than typical black metal sound, and for all intents and purposes, made a power metal album. And it’s fucking awesome. I like Sigh no matter what their up too and that constantly changing, eclectic approach to their music is what makes them so exciting but I do love when they veer into power metal territory. I don’t think they were intentionally trying to make a power metal album but with the emphasis on major chords, blistering melody, catchy solos and the change to clean vocals, that’s what it starts to sound like. Keep in mind this is Sigh so their power metal album doesn’t sound like any other power metal album you’ve heard and I only use the term “power metal” for lack of a better term. I saw one review calling it “fantastic, schizophrenic circus metal.”

Meaning… this is one of their least eclectic albums. There’s still that cacophony of sound, instrumentation, and effects that I think is the key to their sound but the album is all very focussed on this melodic catchy drive and isn’t really all over the place musically like they became after this, and would argue to some degree before.

But it is undeniably Sigh, in all their weird, avant-garde, beautiful madness, and this one is fucking awesome.

You can get the special edition for any price you want over at Blood Music’s Bandcamp page.