Ever since Thy Worshiper’s 2016 album Klechdy place so highly on my year end list I’ve been meaning to go back and check out the bands other works. The Bandcamp ACLU charity drive Friday gave me the perfect excuse to grab some of their music and that’s what I fucking did.

What initially struck me about They Worshiper was that they were playing with a lot of familiar (and often overly used to cheesy effect) metal elements but they were utilizing them in a way that was fresh and unique. Sure they had pagan and folk instrumentation going on but it wasn’t ridiculous or cheesy like so many bands in that genre. Combined with a black metal edge and a progressive avant-garde bend they crafted one of the finest albums of 2016. Czarna Dzika Czerwien is the bands previous album from 2014 and it contains a lot of the same structural elements and sounds.

The creative song writing and use of instruments dominates this album, and just like the newer one, is particularly percussive heavy and driven. The big difference is this one is much heavier on the folk/pagan aspect of their sound. There’s a lot of chanting and classical instruments being used, of particular note would obviously be the bongos and the mouth harp, and it’s all in that European folk vibe. Which makes sense as there’s a definite nature focus on this album, each song title is a different element of nature IE “Trees”,”The Rain”,”Fire”, etc.

But it’s not neglecting the metal, it’s just enveloping it in it’s atmosphere. The back forth between the beautiful traditionally sung vocals and the nasty, cultish death metal vocals works perfectly and there are some more speedier moments that are more guitar driven and get the head banging.

This fuck bands kills it. Two albums I’ve heard now and both are fucking excellent. If you’re sick of the same old thing, give Thy Worshiper a shot. You will not fucking regret it.

Grab the album on their Bandcamp page.