I’ve been sharing a lot of death/doom bands with my friend trying to expand his doom knowledge beyond Candlemass type doom and it got me all fired up on listening to some death doom I haven’t in a while. Of course I miss things all the time and Winter’s Into Darkness is a glaring omission in my doom catalog.

This is one of those albums that I’m acutely aware of, that I know is recognized as a genre classic, yet I’ve just never heard it. Well I’m glad I finally rectified this.

Yeah, it’s easy to hear why this album has the reputation that it does. This is magnificently played and orchestrated doom heavy death metal. And from 1990? That’s what I found so remarkable about this. Upon first listen it sounds like a lot of contemporary death doom bands and even doom bands, but this album came out in 19 – fucking – 90, the same year as the first Paradise Lost album, the first release of the heralded “Peaceville Three” death doom bands, yet I don’t recall Winter garnering as much praise, even though it’s clear from one spin through this album that the influence of this band is tremendous. And from America nonetheless! Not to discount the Peaceville Three but Winter might be more heavy, more doom, and more death, then they were.

Oh well, hindsight is always 20/20 and combined these bands and Winter have given us some incredible music, I’m just floored at how relevant and unique and crushingly heavy this album is, and was in 1990. I wonder what it was like to have heard this at the time, I bet is was fucking flooring.