Sometimes for no real reason or through complete randomness bands seem to repeatedly pop up in my internet browsing habits or through conversation and for some reason it feels like I’m constantly seeing or hearing stuff about Coffins as of late. I don’t really know why as they aren’t releasing anything soon and there doesn’t seem to be any news on their front, just people are talking about Coffins and I’ve been sharing random death/doom bands with a buddy of mine and thusly Coffins has infiltrated my life as of late.

Now I came to Coffins a bit late in the game and I’ve only listened to their las full-length and a couple EPs so with all this Coffins talk it inspired me to go back and check out some of their earlier works because I dig what I’ve got so far from the band. Buried Death is the one that’s popping up in my feeds so I started there.

Coffins, to me, is one of a handful or two bands that perfectly meld death and doom for that oh so covetous “death/doom” tag. I’ve mentioned it before but it seems bands trying to blend the two either veer one way or the other, rarely striking that perfect balance. Not that that’s a bad thing or that those bands should be criticized, but when a band can find that balance, between whatever genres they are mashing together, the results can be devastatingly awesome.  Coffins has that.

What I particularly enjoy about Coffins, and it’s one of the standout features of this album, is how fucking dirty and nasty they are. A lot of their artwork features rotting zombie/corpses and crumbling, ancient graves/tombstones and their music is the sonic equivelant of those visuals. It sounds so old and dirty, but old like in an archaic sense, like it’s seen time take it’s toll. Then, suddenly, on “Alters of Gore” they throw in a brief bit of rock n’ roll swagger just to keep you on your toes. It fits right in with the sound and adds a bit of humor to the gory proceedings.

Coffins fucking rule and that’s all there really is to it. I’m slightly ashamed I haven’t delved into their back catalog until now but now we can all share in the grime together.

You can get the album through 20 Buck Spin’s Bandcamp page right here.