Welcome to Kreator week! Kreator has a new album coming out this week and seeing as they are one of my favorite bands I thought it might be fun to explore the “darker” era of the band.

That’s right, that middle era after Coma of Souls and before Violent Revolution’s return to form (somewhat). The 4 albums that make up this period are generally reviled and even being such a fan of the band myself, have not delved into these albums much. Are they as bad as people say? Could be. Maybe it’ll give us a greater appreciation for the new album. Either way, I’m going to be reviewing them all this week so buckle the fuck up.

Here we have Kreator’s third album from their 90’s “experimental” period. To me this album sounds like 90’s metal through and through. And not 90’s like Nu Metal but that stripped down, overproduced 90’s metal that got into bands like Metallica and Megadeth, or the Machine Head albums before they started rapping (yeah they sucked then too). Yeah, this one is heavier than some of those examples but I wouldn’t call it a thrash album. All the creativity has been taken out of the riffs and replaced with that long sustained, open chord style of the nineties or similarly with high notes. There’s some chugging riffing going on and there’s some moments where you’re like “hey this sort of reminds me of Kreator” but they’re over before you know it, lost in a blur of quasi-industrial guitars and Ministry styled vocal effects. There’s not even much on here that reminds me of the later era Kreator that came after their 90’s output.

The previous two albums I didn’t think were that bad and were still worth jamming. This one… not so much. It’s not a complete pile of shit, but it’s not far off either. You can’t win them all.