Welcome to Kreator week! Kreator has a new album coming out this week and seeing as they are one of my favorite bands I thought it might be fun to explore the “darker” era of the band.

That’s right, that middle era after Coma of Souls and before Violent Revolution’s return to form (somewhat). The 4 albums that make up this period are generally reviled and even being such a fan of the band myself, I have not delved into these albums much. Are they as bad as people say? Could be. Maybe it’ll give us a greater appreciation for the new album. Either way, I’m going to be reviewing them all this week so buckle the fuck up.

The second album of Kreator’s 90s era is Cause of Conflict and is a step back to their thrash-ier sound. It’s insanely more thrash than Renewal was and on songs like “Men Without God” they almost sound like classic Kreator. Mille’s voice even goes back to the higher register he is typically growling out. Well, higher compared to what he was doing on Renewal. However… this is still a different sounding album for Kreator. Lots of folks chalk that up to this being the first album to not feature Ventor on drums, and you can really tell the difference. This whole album falls into “groove” territory and I think a big part of that is the way the drums are played with more of that plodding, chugging groove metal style (ugh). It’s like Kreator invaded by Pantera or Fear Factory but still poking it’s head out here and there to remind you that yes this is Kreator. Like I said earlier, it’s more in line with the aggressive thrash stylings of past but parts of it sound like their “return to form” albums of the 2000’s. Was it a vision of the future?

Still, for 1995, a year that is not one of thrash metal’s most prolific, this is probably one of the more thrash-ier of the larger thrash bands. It’s no Kreator classic but it has some great moments. I enjoyed this one substantially more than Renewal.